HiPoint presents waste program to Nevada council

HiPoint was invited to share its waste management program with the county of Nye in the City of Pahrump in Nevada. One of the newest locations where HiPoint recycling facility operations has been working with Timothy J. Bohannon. CEO and President Western Standardbred Alliance, Inc. and Mike Hyde VP-Area Director-Facilities as part of their master plan and a horse center of excellence, race track, casino, and veterinary hospital while using sustainable solutions for the betterment of the horse industry, in each area of the master development.

UK Confirms Equine Respiratory Disease remains #1 Problem

Data from the recent Bedmax National Equine Health Survey has identified that equine respiratory disease remains a significant health problem for UK owners. The report highlighted that more than 45% of the 993 owners who completed the survey had horses that had suffered a health problem (as opposed to an injury) that required box rest and/or veterinary treatment.

NonPoint Source Pollution through HiPoint Ag

HiPoint and the Horse Industry can help reduce nonpoint source pollution from horse manure leaching by implementing better transfer stations, removal hauling processes, and disposal methods primarily away from burning, spreading, or composting.

HiPoint Proprietary Infusion Tank

Overall, HiPoint Infusion ™ improves animal health, allow barns to become more naturally sanitary with fewer bugs, critters, and flies (potentially reducing the negative impact of AEI and West Nile). At the same time, it addressed an issue to ease demands from workers to have better working conditions in barns. From horse racing to show horses to hobby horses, it allows our animals to have naturally healthier bedding to give better results to their owners without changing from bulk bedding saving overall operational costs. All while benefiting our horse industry in a progressive environmentally sustainable way.