HiPoint’s partners with Equine for Change Foundation


Dedicated to Equine Well-being, Security, Research, & Beauty within our Industry

Happier Horses. Healthier Environment. E-FC is a non-partisan organization that aims to bring change to the industry for it to thrive and ensure sustainability for the next generation

GOAL 1: Our passion is to help the industry through education and legislative change.

E-FC can provide local and global statistical data, research new technologies, investigate symbiotic relationships for equestrian businesses, help change government legislation on horses, and manage dry manure waste and EPR responsibility. This will leverage youthful talent for the environment, the horse, and those who own horses. Your funding grants and donations will support these initiatives to flourish. 

E-FC opens up forums, debates, and new technologies to gather much-needed advice for a fragmented industry across all professions without biases toward one discipline or country. We encourage legislation that is within the sustainable goals of the UN.

GOAL 2: To focus on Stewardship of the Land.

E-FC operates within the private and public sectors, addressing critical challenges associated with horses. It works towards bringing about governmental and legislative change to tackle issues such as waste management, land stewardship, manure leaching, and phosphorous hotspots. These hotspots create algae blooms and methane off-gassing, causing environmental hazards that harm our watersheds and lands.

We must address these issues now to secure a better future for our children. The objective of E-FC is to gain local federal and provincial government support, both in terms of funds and industry-specific terminology and direction as it pertains to ruminants, specifically horses.

colorful fields and rows of currant bush seedlings as a background composition

GOAL 3: Building centers of excellence to protect mental health and our planet.

E-FC intends to discover areas where recycling, upcycling, and reuse can merge to improve the environment and our industry, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and simultaneously care for horses and humans by building sustainable agricultural hubs.

The goal is to foster interaction between horses and humans, which can benefit children, adults, and individuals with mental health challenges. We aim to create centers of excellence for veterinary and therapeutic care for horses and to support the next generation through government research tools close to key equestrian regions.

All of this will be accomplished through the majesty and influence of the horse.

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