HiPoint Proprietary Infusion Tank


HiPoint Agro Bedding today announces the launch of HiPoint Infusion ™, a natural layer of health and safety in bedding for horse, rider, and the barn environment.

“It remained an unmet need for providing a true naturally clean animal bedding that prevents or minimizes mold spores, yeast, pathogens, and other contaminants.” Quotes Head Designer Paul  Cross.

Whatever bedding you use, HiPoint natural Infusion system can be installed on large farms, to help improve the lifestyle of the horse, the rider, and the barn environment before it enters the stall. Today it has become a significant part of the HPAB process © that manufactures hypoallergenic dust-free shavings from stall shaving residuals at locally competitive prices.

Initial lab results have shown a clear reduction in mold, yeast, and pathogens, including moisture in bedding that passes through the Infusion chamber, as expected.

Overall, HiPoint Infusion ™ improves animal health, allow barns to become more naturally sanitary with fewer bugs, critters, and flies (potentially reducing the negative impact of AEI and West Nile). At the same time, it addressed an issue to ease demands from workers to have better working conditions in barns. From horse racing to show horses to hobby horses, it allows our animals to have naturally healthier bedding to give better results to their owners without changing from bulk bedding saving overall operational costs. All while benefiting our horse industry in a progressive environmentally sustainable way.

The Low-Risk Veterinary Health Program approved compounds within the antimicrobial atomization misting are 100% natural producing healthier bedding through the chamber for our HPAB HiPoint bedding facilities. Where there is no HPAB Facility built it is manufactured to operate within existing structures for large farms onsite to make bulk animal bedding naturally healthier, aiding in healing horses with hoof rot, cuts, and wounds, and allows for enhanced quality of breathing across the barn.

For large barn managers HiPoint Infusion ™ can have a significant impact on your horse business success.

Typically, “clean” unused bulk bedding is over 30% moisture and carries mold and yeast from being outside or stored under a lean-to. The bedding comes in contact with bugs, rodents, and other pests which may carry disease, then barn-hands scoop wheelbarrow loads and refill the stall as clean bedding.

The bio secure HiPoint Infusion ™ gently folding the bedding material over itself while moving it through a flow of atomized anti-microbial mist, under heat, reducing the viscosity of the compound to a point where it will atomize under pressure as well as enhance absorption into the bedding material. HiPoint Infusion ™ natural process without any chemicals is infused into wood shavings provides an improved quality of animal bedding while incorporating a bio-secure anti-viral anti-bacterial anti-mold 100% natural compound made from plant extract to improve the quality of wood shavings to the benefits of animal and humans that interact within the barn.

HiPoint is the only company in the world using this patent pending compound that is monograph tested safe, by International LRVHP protocols. (low-risk veterinary health protocol) to safely remove potentially harmful bacteria in one natural process.

The natural atomized mist within the HiPoint Infusion ™ chamber was carefully chosen to be 100% natural, 100% organic, 100% safe, with no petroleum distillates. We selected vital plant extracts that are historically proven and used for centuries by indigenous people to be attributed to wellness, protection, and healing the body, which has been lost through pharmaceutical companies today.

A line of OTC pain and protection blends made from the base formula is made available to barns to provide wound, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties straight to the infected area through sprays and lotions applied directly to the horse or rider.

HiPoint Agro Bedding’s mission is to manufacture the healthiest & most environmentally sustainable animal bedding products on the market through natural Infusion techniques and environmental recycling practices.

This project is supported by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The program is delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC.