HiPoint invited to GIS 2021 from Royal Family

Update: 2024 It was with heartfelt gratitude that I was able to meet the royal household and leaders of the world economy who are actively investing in the UK. Since our visit, we have been researching and agreeing on two locations to build ~ in Newmarket and Lambourn at the right time and with investment flowing as we get ready to build there.

Our hearts and prayers are with the entire royal family as the world lost Queen Elizabeth II and the fraught relationships and the health scares of King Charles and of Kate.

Courtesy of Royal.uk – HiPoint AG CEO Paul Cross in the background, Prince Charles in the foreground at Queen’s reception October 2021

Article by HIPOINT AG CEO, Paul Cross

It was an incredible honor to be one of the only Canadian companies invited to GIS 2021 (Global Investment Summit) and the Queen’s reception, along with powerhouses of industry, philanthropic giants, UK prime minister Boris Johnson, and the Royal Family. The purpose of the GIS summit was to bring awareness and funding to the UK, with a focus on sustainability and creating green infrastructure to protect the planet today.

HiPoint AG to partner and invest in the UK

HiPoint AG was invited to the Global Investment Forum (GIS2021) and the Queen’s reception at Windsor Castle, which preceded the world leaders’ Climate Change meetings held over two weeks in Glasgow—COP26.

“I have reflected on the massive weight the UK is taking on to make a difference in climate change and sustainability and to bring investment into the UK post Brexit.” Quotes Cross

Host Lord Grimstone, Minister for the Department for International Trade, was instrumental in bringing together the UK Government, many private sector companies, and key business philanthropists to pledge billions of dollars for green innovation and industry around the world, which will also benefit the countries that participate.


As per the press release from the UK government and the Department of International Trade (DIT), HiPoint AG is looking to invest £50m to create five new facilities for the recovery and processing of horse stall waste into reusable bedding, fertilizer & bio-fuels, and create 90 jobs across the UK. Thank you to Helen Hunter-Hayes for her tireless support in bringing HiPoint into the UK, and we look forward to working with Nick Patton of the UK Jockey Club estates and Investment partners.

Thank you to Stuart Catchpole NewAnglia Investment & Norfolk Suffolk Unlimited, who are working on our behalf to bring the location and partners together with HiPoint.

update 2024: Our heartfelt thanks to the late Queen Elizabeth II for her dedication to horses.


Courtesy UK Jockey Club chamber museum of art

The evening clearly showed that the Royal Family is passionate about green innovation, sustainable technologies, and horses!

HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp is a company that revolves around environmentally clean recycling and reuse in the ag tech horse space. The Equestrian industry is a $300 billion industry that spends $50 billion in bedding and disposal. Estimating the one ton of horse waste per month per horse, the industry uses some 500 million cubic ft of wood shaving bedding waste per year. This is a sure sign we can reduce deforestation through recycling.

HiPoint will recycle SRW to create reusable end-of-life products for the economic benefit of the equestrian industry and agricultural lands, reducing operational farm costs, which are crucial for the survival of many Equine and agricultural businesses. HiPoint recycles SRW and manufactures high-quality hypoallergenic dust-free wood shavings horse bedding and high-yield non-woody biomass soils for agricultural lands, crops, and gardens, reducing their need for chemical fertilizers.


After the event, HiPoint was invited to Newmarket, which has the highest population of horses and trainers anywhere in the UK. Being part of history was quite thrilling. Newmarket is only 60 miles from where Britain found the first horse remains in PakefieldSuffolk, dating from 700,000 BC.

William Gittus and Nick Patton invited us to the UK Jockey Club Estates, where we looked at land to build the first HIPOINT Environmental Recycling facility in the UK. We discussed the industry, becoming green by recycling all types of waste streams, and the history of horses. The Jockey Club, founded in 1750, operates under a modern corporate structure and leads in investment and innovation in British racing as the largest commercial group. Quote the website.

We are proud to be chosen to see how HiPoint and JCE can manage the huge amount of waste at the local equestrian events in Newmarket and surrounding areas, reaching out into Sandringham and Windsor.

HiPoint HPE Energy

HiPoint continues its journey to “Waste Nothing” (c) by processing the manure, fines, dust, and additional local food waste via an “Anaerobic Digestor” to extract methane gas for transportation fuel before introducing the methane extracted digestate to the “composting bioreactors” to make soils. Lower-quality SRW and green waste use a second technology called – “high-temperature gasification”, which produces syngas as a cleantech renewable energy for electricity storage or, in the future, hydrogen.

Countries like Canada and Companies like Microsoft are committing to achieving ‘zero waste’ goals by 2030. HiPoint will also be an integral part of the waste-free 2030 movement in our field. By building facilities in the US, Canada, and Europe with governmental and private equity support, HiPoint will change the hearts and minds of equestrians to make a difference and recycle the total waste stream of SRW.

The summit hosted by Lord Grimstone, Minister of  DIT, and his team’s passion for having international trade in the UK means companies like HiPoint AG can pave the way for adoption, acceptance, and growth to achieve these waste-free goals that support climate change at a critical time.

A huge thank you to Helen Hunter Hayes (DIT UK) and Latham French & Hema Joga (Toronto), who have been instrumental in helping set up the first meetings with the UK Jockey Club members William Gittus and Nick Patton.

Prince William - Earthshot Awards 2021/2022


Two days early on TV - Prince William, along with Sir David Attenborough, showcased the first winners of the Earthshot Awards. He is undoubtedly passionate, and I was keen to congratulate him on the first success of many. Listening to Prince William at the reception, wanting to see outstanding entrepreneurs and industry leaders promote and submit innovatively, sustainability, climate-changing ideas for Earthshot year two starting in January 2022.

HiPoint and staff urge us all to make the second Earthshot of this decade – bigger, better, and bolder than the first. I encourage everyone to submit an application for sustainable innovation to combat Climate Change and deforestation to make the Earthshot Awards a standard that Climate change advocates can be proud of and make it to the finals in the USA.

HiPoint & its team would challenge all to make the second Earthshot of this decade – bigger, better, and bolder than the first. Submissions for applications for sustainable innovation to combat Climate Change and deforestation to make the Earthshot Awards a standard for Climate change can be found at earthshotprize.org

UK Prime Minister Oct 2021 - Boris Johnson

At the Queen’s reception, I got to speak to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the topic of manure – weird, right! and that we cannot focus all on the dairy industry and lagoons but on other animal feedstocks, like chicken, duck, and course horses. I loved his response – who knew we would be talking about flatulence and “poop” at Windsor Castle. He agreed to have the excellent Net Zero winner and MP Andrew Griffith discuss it, and I look forward to starting that conversation.



Gates, Solomon, and Dimon

A substantial portion of the event’s guest list hails from the US, including Bill GatesGoldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, JPMorgan boss Jamie Dimon, and Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman.

Bill Gates and Boris Johnson agreed to a $400 billion dollar deal to tackle climate change with innovation as part of the Breakthrough Energy Foundation. The UK government has announced plans to launch a £400m package of Investment alongside the US billionaire Bill Gates to boost the development of new green technologies.

Boris Johnson said the deal would help power a “green industrial revolution” and develop emerging technologies that were currently too expensive to be commercially successful but were essential to hitting the government’s climate goals.

Speaking at a Global Investment Summit at the Science Museum in London on Tuesday, the prime minister said the partnership would help develop UK technology related to carbon capture and storage, long-term battery life, jet zero (zero-carbon aviation), and green hydrogen technology.


Senator John Kerry at the Earthshot Awards October 2021 - who will host year two in the US

Funding Commitments at GIS 2021

The Global Investment Summit committed more than £9.7 billion to invest in green technology in the UK.

Helen Hunter-Hayes, who has played an integral role in helping HiPoint understand the UK market, investments, and path to incentives, helped HiPoint believe in the UK market adoption.


Investors pledge almost £10bn at the UK Global Investment Summit.



  • The Prime Minister will announce today [Tues] that deals worth £9.7bn have been secured at the Global Investment Summit
  • 18 new trade and investment deals will support green growth and create an estimated30,000 UK jobs
  • The government will also launch a new Investment Atlas today showcasing strategic investment opportunities, which will help level up the UK

HiPoint AG will invest £50m to create five new facilities for the recovery and processing of horse stall waste into reusable bedding, fertilizer & bio-fuels, creating 90 jobs across the UK.



In conclusion, I was again amazed at the genuine interest in investing in the UK. To bring innovation, green technology partners across all fields, from electric cars to agriculture to hydrogen to jet fuel.

Smaller private enterprises now need assistance from their giant brothers and sisters of industry, foundations, and business to make it happen.

There is a ton of money being made available, and our leaders want to share it with innovators to create a better world. Us start-ups, innovators, and genuine leaders of industry change who have the pool of talent to make new leaps and bounds in technology right now and into the future genuinely need to tap into all the funding and make a difference.

Sometimes it is about doing the same thing differently and getting better results, so innovation does not define us. It betters us for everyone’s tomorrow.

Start-up innovators need clear access to connect public-private collaboration and, most importantly, to simplify access to funding for good projects with an impact on Climate Change. This is the topic for part 2, which is coming up.

Thank you to everyone who was there, to those who made it possible, and to the gracious Royal Family for opening their home to HIPOINT AG. Spectacular

Part 2 discusses our funding concerns and the need for policy change of agricultural manure


Paul Cross

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