EPR Zero Technology

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy approach that assigns producers with the responsibility for the entire lifecycle of their product, particularly for take-back, recycling, and final disposal of their own waste.

Transportation Emissions

The emissions produced by a 52-foot truck and trailer (typically considered a combination of a tractor unit and a semi-trailer) depend on several factors. However, we can provide an estimate based on average data for diesel-powered heavy-duty trucks.

Manure Ch4 Emissions from horses

Statistically, through FAOSTAT, 10% of all livestock manure Ch4 methane off-gassing comes from horses. We will remove the Ch4 emissions from an equivalent 3,000 horses or 64500 KG or 142,000 lbs. Our calculations show 100,000 lbs, which will be monitored through our software EPR ZERO. Removing manure waste from inadequate disposal to reduce and remove Ch4 from the land in our sector.

NonPoint Source Pollution through HiPoint Ag

HiPoint and the Horse Industry can help reduce nonpoint source pollution from horse manure leaching by implementing better transfer stations, removal hauling processes, and disposal methods primarily away from burning, spreading, or composting.